My girl Haley is rocking the posters over at Doug Fir///love!


Below is the beautiful girl after her birthday dinner at The Farm. The restaurant is rad serving up locally sourced, deliciously fresh plates.  They also have a large bulbed twinkle lights strung about. 

Make sure to order the cheeseball. My friend who cooks at Toro Bravo says it's perfect bread season.  I guess when it's hot out bread get a nice crispy crust while staying moist inside. Something that doesn't happen in the wet fall, winter and spring months.


Anonymous said...

i love toro bravo.
is drew your friend?
it shocked the hell out of me to see him in the kitchen there when i visited OR last january.

Katey Dutton said...

haha, yeah! crazy. he's dating one of my best girls cassi