lost photos///vacation devestation

Ketch and I just got back from a wonderful little adventure down the the west coast. We stopped in Big Sur and made it all the way down to LA. I took beautiful videos and photos of Julia Pfeifer State Park, camping in Big Sur and enjoying the rides at Magic Mountain. Then on the way home I was adjusting the sound on my Power Shot when suddenly the screen went black and read "0 Images".



This only two photos are post accidental deletion - in one Brad was trying to fix the camera after I realized there was nothing on it. So that's our trip photo - me looking really sad. Awesome.

The only photos I have now are from my Iphone...which I didn't really use because I wanted to save the battery life.  I'm feeling pretty sad. Photos for me are memories and art.  They are completely nostalgic and something I have always liked looking back on.  I din't grow up in one of those families that doesn't take photos. My dad is a professional photographer so basically my entire life is documented. I take it upon myself now to document these memories for me and my future people (errr...kids?) to look back on...so for me this is devastating.

A friend though told me about a data recovery service here in Portland. Ketch is taking my camera and memory card in today to see if there is anything to be recovered. I have a  glimmer of hope but am feeling like I should just give up and not get my hopes up at the same time. Have you ever lost photos like this? Were you able to recover them?

We recovered the photos! Though some are a little damaged ///


/// the majority are safe and sound on a disk that Pro Photo Supply was able to put together for us. So now I'm busy going through the photos...editing editing and just bursting with happiness.

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