Local music///Typhoon

Portland is a small town posing as a big city.  Everyone know everyone in one way or another.  I'm connected to a couple members of this band in various ways. I knew them back a couple years ago when it seemed like they were still trying to find their footing.  I think they've found it. The song to really listen to is CPR.  This one is a show stopper. The recording on their site is really nice and there are a few live shows on you tube.  I was pretty stoked when i heard it on OPB radio today.  I stream it online at work all the time and really enjoy  everything they play///some is local, some indie, some mainstream.

Below is Typhoon's video for Starting Over...it's a collage of daily life in Portland. I'm really impressed and hope them all the best, because this stuff///it's pretty rad.

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