Is this Stump Necklace from D&I MANLY? HELP

Would your guy wear this necklace?

Ketch's birthday is coming up and I've thought about getting him a  necklace. I love this engraved stump necklace by Digby & Iona. But I'm not sure how much a guy would love it. The chain seems masculine. I want to get him something that can hang low enough under his teeshirts that it won't show most of the time. Maybe I need to choose something that will lay flatter against his chest though. I wish they engraved this necklace. I'll have to give them a call and put in a special request. * Just called, $210 because it would be considered custom. I feel like that's too much for a necklace I'm not sure about.
What do you guys think? Should I keep hunting? I've thought about a necklace with small metal charms with our initials too. I just want to get him something sentimental this year. Hrrummph.

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