Bog Love///Cold Splinters

A new favorite is Cold Splinters. Beautiful outdoorsy imagery - a lot of which is from the 70's, neat old tunes almost daily and great product recommendations for camping. 

Check out these beautiful posters from the 1920's by Dorothy Waugh for the National Parks Service. I would love to have them on my wall!

This blog is basically road trip inspiration for days. Speaking of which, we leave Portland and head west for the coast and then down through California to LA in ONE WEEK! Only one stop before we reach Ventura: Big Sur. I can't wait to take pictures, search through antique shops and get some sun. Any recommendations for places to stop along the way or camping locales to try? Would love your thoughts!


size too small said...

ooooooh looks great! can't wait to check it out!

Zinzi said...

um, this blog is amazing. nice find!! also, what a cooler header.