Midterms are over...whew

Here are a few of my Interior Design Sketches for Graphic Communication. This class is based on drawing interiors in our own style (relatively) correct. Basically we want our clients to have a good idea of the space but the goal is not to have a blue print or building requirement. The goal is to display the information effectively. We had to include site maps, floor plans, perspectives and elevations. Elevations are a view of one wall in a 2D sense. The goal is to show everying, furniture, accessories, etc as if there is no depth to them and you can only see their silhouette. I didn't include everything here, but here are some examples of what I drew...Jo Bar (the martini bar attached to Papa Haydens...it's a classic martini bar, a little dated but still classy). You might have seen my post the other day which included an elevation of Jo Bar's rear wall.

Barista (an amazing local espresso shop that just opened this year)

Bridgeport (a big brewery with a beautiful white marble bar)

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