*Desert Commune Oasis*

Whew...after a long week of midterms Im sitting back and taking in what I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks. Desert*Commune*Oasis is the theme I just came up with for the "Martini Bar" I'm designing for my Graphic Communications class. My clients are a somewhat madeup couple...a couple I've only seen pictures of but do not really know or have any prior knowledge of. Basically, I liked how they look. I mean, this is a made up project, with made up clients...I just needed to find some people that looked like they might enjoy hanging out at the bar Im designing.

A certain couple instantly came to mind: Trish and Peter. Trish is currently being photographed on a weekly basis by Ryan over at the Panic Room. Matt is the photography who did the beautiful series of his wife's pregnancy. Every week coming out with new photos and a sweet letter to go alonside the photo. I was so enamored with them I made sure to check back every week. He now is doing a new pregnancy series with Trish. Trish each week is walking a little further down her street in a new and beautiful outfit. Letters to her little baby Bean are included as well. I particularly loved the one photo that included both Trish and her hubby Peter. It was awesome to see the man behind the beautiful woman (especially on his skateboard...hunka hunka...you guys make one cute couple).

So...when i finally came up with my theme (a desert oasis with pendleton blankets strewn across shaped cement benches and a varied wood paneled bar), don't ask me why, but I thought of them. So, as I delve further into my concept I will think of them and how they would want THEIR bar to look. So guys(Peter and Trish), hope y'all don't mind, but people are being inspired by you.

For my project I had to invent these people...I came up with the Trish and Peter I imagined would own THIS bar. Who knows if they even drink in real life or even like Pendleton blankets, haha. But here is my concept below.

Desert Commune Oasis

My clients are Trish and Peter, a couple in their late twenties/early thirties with their first wee one on the way.

Peter is a fun guy with a passion for building, whiskey, records and skateboarding. He’s always had the dream of owning his own bar where his friends can just come “chill”. Lots of transitional seating, a variety of interesting alcohols and treats and room for games and play on the back pation.

Trish is a progressive fashion designer in Portland with an eclectic eye, a love for gardening and a huge urge for a smoky martini (it will have to wait till after little bean comes along). Her dream is to have a mellow, eclectic space that can go from day time play on the bacci ball course and lounging in the hammock to an upscale sexy feel in the evening when the lights go out, the fireplace comes on and all you want to do is snuggle up under a Pendleton Blanket.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are more photos of Trish because she is basically one of the BEST styled pregnant beauties I've ever seen.


The Panic Room said...


My name is Ryan :) I am not sure where you got Matt from. I will show this to Trish and Peter they will get a kick out of it for sure. Although I am sure Trish isn't hanging out in any bars for a good long while, perhaps she will appreciate this virtual one.

Katey Dutton said...

Matt was the name next to The Panic Room on your Profile. Is there someone who helps you out with your blog named Matt? I just assumed. Haha. I should have known better after reading your stuff for so long.

Katey Dutton said...

P.S. more posts to follow