jersey knotted necklace

Remember me desperately wanting to make this necklace? I finally made my own version! It's a little bigger and chunkier, almost like a skinny scarf. I plan on making many more...maybe incorporating some beads? It definitely needs some perfection. But so fun and easy!I think it would be really cool to use a patterned jersey next time.

I simply took an old tshirt and cut it into 3/4" strips which naturally rolled into little tubes due to the jersey fabric. I then sewed the tubes together to get them to the desired length. I wanted to be able to wear it wrapped around my neck twice like the example photo. I then took all of the long pieces and sewed them together on one end. I then took the other end and sewed those pieces to eachother. I then took the two sewn ends and with a couple stitches had a really big loop of jersey. I wanted to put the knot over the section where I stitched all of the pieces together. It took about a yard long stip of jersey to get the knot to the desired size.

So easy and fun! Next time I will try cutting the jersey strips with a roller cutter and cutting each strip a little more narrow to get narrower tubes.

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