Will you help me choose?

So if you aren't already aware, I am an interior design student. My latest assignment is to design a room from a photograph of something natural. I have recently fallen in love with a couple photographers and was wondering if you will help me choose a photo to design a room around. I will actually end up designing 2 rooms around 2 photos. But the first, will be based around Yu-i Chan and her beautiful, simple images. Enjoy the beauty of the following photos and let me know what you think!








Shawn said...

I think you should go with either number 1 or number 4. There is a lot that I think could be done designing a room around the whole web idea which I think could be really interesting. Though, greens/neutrals is a pretty overdone color palette in sustainable design (IMHO). So, something like the grapefruit photo could be an interesting change as far as color is concerned. Hahaha ... I don't think I'm being helpful at all.. but anyway, there's my opinion. <3u

cassi said...

i like 5. a lot.

Keps said...

I'm a fan of 6. Though I also agreed that the grapefruit photo could lead to some really interesting colors.

haley said...

2 & 4!!

Kristin said...

LOVE #4 and 5!