Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your notes on my Interior Design inspiration photos, I ended up going with #4 and #5 or Citrus and Vase as I call them. I think the room based around "vase" will come across as very natural and earthy while the room based around "citrus" will be very vibrant and eclectic. I'll post some notes on what I did soon! I love being back in school.

Also, another question. I am so unorganized. Time management is terrible for me! I just picked up my new August to August (it's pink!) but to be honest, I feel very overwhelmed. I feel like the first step is organizing my space at home so that I function better. But I feel like I always have something going on and the clothes always end up staying in that same pile on the floor. I believe I am a bit ADD and anxious and the two do not combine well. Do you guys have any ideas? recommendations? things that have worked for you in terms of getting your job/school/bills/house/life in order? HONESTLY, anything helps!

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