For my bi-weekly laundry days...

So does anybody else have so many clothes from years of hoarding that they can literally go weeks without doing laundry?

I do, and this always ends up with me doing 3 days worth of constant laundry every 2 - 3 weeks. "Laundry every 2 - 3 weeks?" you say? Maybe that's why I've acquired so much, to account for my laziness. GROSS.

Anyway, I found this totally rad rolling Laundry Basket from Steele Canvas Basket. It is huge (2 bushels) and can roll where ever I need it to go! Woohoo! If not for me, maybe for one of my design clients. I kinda of feel like this is something everybody needs!
(Found via Abby Goes Design Scouting)


jasmine said...

yes! i always wait until ALL of my clothes are dirty to do laundry. exceeeept this week! i'm doing laundry proactively this week, and i'm so proud. love that basket! it's darling!

Keps said...

I am EXACTLY the same way. How many clean *ahem* undergarments I haave determines when I will be doing laundry :) That basket is great!