Etsy Love: A Silver Garden

Moving in with ketch. I'm feeling a little nesty since I haven't had a true home of my own in a while and am an interior design major. I've been living with my married sister and her hubby for over a year now which has been rad...however they have their own style and their own things. No room for my stuff. So I keep to my room and that's ok. But now there is a new home, with a big kitchen, a bedroom with adjoining bath and a space for my arts and crafts. Even though I am moving into a house ketch already lives in I'm not moving in with all of his roommates. All of the old roomies are moving on to new things, and the space if only for a minute, will be almost like OURS. So OUR new thing is moving in together.

I smile a lot.

Though BMX boys will soon be sharing the halls with us, I think I will have to be the one to add a touch of beauty to the house. Ketch is handy and one roommate is even a contractor. RAD! I will bring the decorations. This Etsy site has me inspired in a few ways...

All of the below items are for sale at A Silver Garden's Etsy Store.

Lovely ceramic letters -

Little Ceramic Planters -

Butterfly mobile -

Just Loverly

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jenny gordy said...

Hi, Katey. No, I'm not from Portland. I'm from Kansas City, but I live in Brooklyn now. I wish I lived in Portland! I only sell my clothing line through my own website, not in any shops.