im feeling overwhelmed

and somewhat non-functional. I had my tarot cards read this weekend. a positive reading...but basically i need to make things happen and stop being the road block in my own life.

because that is what i am. no ifs ands or buts about it.

im supposed to take these placement tests at school...but i keep avoiding them. im intimidated. it's been HOW long since i took a test?

oh yeah, im going back to school. The art institute of portland. sustainable interior design. i know i will rock it...but i feel like something happened to make me start doubting myself? the constant coddling as a child and then sudden - you're on your own? i don't know. basically, im terrified.

my car...its a falling apart piece o crap...but it looks pretty from the outside. im supposed to get the alignment fixed and the rims replaced. FOR FREE. yet i haven't done it yet and am probably fucking my car up in the process. i don't want a car. i want a little schwinn and to live in a neighborhood where i can actually ride it. :(

then there are bills...but i don't want to talk about that. basically these are everyone's issues. everyone has to deal with this stuff. but why can't I follow through? why can't i ever finish?

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