Easter is Near

I grew up loving ALL holidays.  My Mom was the queen of making the house feel so special with decorations and treats. Easter is coming and I'm reminded of the easter baskets we always would get filled not only with candy but really nice gifts as well. The candy was always See's truffles with little perfect frosting flowers, dutch mints in beautiful pastels and little jelly things that I have no idea what they were called...but they were GOOD. 

We also always worked together to make Bunny Biscotti.  A delicious once baked, orange zest biscotti made in the schape of a bunny rabbit. It had raisins for eyes and sugar sprinkled all over it. It was always a fight to see who'd get the tail and the ears...kinda sick...kinda amazing!

I have some ideas for special little treats will make///definitely the Bunny Biscotti and maybe these sweet little cracked egg succulent planters? How beautiful! Wouldn't an egg crate full of these be the cutest table decoration ever?!?


DIY by Roy Joy via Ardor


  1. Love it! Thanks for the link :)

  2. Do you hv a step by step or is there anything in particular we should know to create these. They are beautiful!